BLG's employment lawyers represent and advise whistleblowers and victims of retaliation in the workplace. There are federal and local laws that protect employees who report unlawful conduct in the workplace, and BLG can protect you if you are aware of something that you need to report, and make sure that your employer does not unlawfully retaliate. If your employer already has retaliated we can fight to protect your rights and secure financial compensation for your damages.

Whistleblowing is when an employee “blows the whistle” or reports an employer for wrongdoing including fraud and other illegal activities. The law protects whistleblowers against retaliation by those reported and employers also cannot legally punish employees for filing complaints alleging harassment or discrimination. 

Legally protected activities in the workplace include filing a discrimination claim or a claim for unpaid wages, a claim of fraud or reporting a suspected violation of law. Employees are also legally protected from retaliation when reporting a safety or important procedural violation in the workplace like one relating to patient or child care.

Engaging an attorney when involved in whistleblowing and retaliation situations can be important; the law often varies state by state and it is important to know and understand your rights and protect yourself.

Some things to consider in whistleblower cases are:

  • Statute of limitations/filing deadlines – deadlines can be tight in such cases
  • Internal complaint procedures
  • Qui tam claims (Claims relating to misappropriation of government funds)
  • Whistleblower eligibility for rewards especially in securities cases

If you have a whistleblower or retaliation claim against your employer contact The Boyd Law Group, PLLC at 1 (800) 617-4BLG or fill out our online Contact Us form to schedule a free phone consultation with an experienced whistleblower attorney to discuss your rights and legal options.

Testimonials From Clients With Whistleblower and Retaliation Cases BLG Has Handled

From A Client With A Whistleblower Case

Stephen is an exemplary attorney. From the beginning, he actively listened to all my questions and concerns and responded with thoughtful and honest answers. He kept me updated on the happenings with my case, which I believe is an indication of his sincere interest in his clients’ legal matters. Stephen thoroughly explained all proceedings and legal terms in a helpful and patient manner. Whenever I reached out to communicate with him, if he was not readily available, Stephen replied via phone call or email within two days.

From A Wall Street Executive With Whistleblower and Contract Claims

I've worked with Patrick a few times in my career. He's always been a very able partner in providing advice, a referral or fighting for me and my rights. 

I've recommended Patrick to colleagues and friends and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

From A United Kingdom Based Wall Street Executive With A Whistleblower Case

BLG attorneys were very generous with their time and diligent in their work with respect to my case. They were professional through out and I appreciated their candor and honesty throughout the process. It was a complicated case but they approached it with a good understanding and focused on the provisions that mattered. Would recommend!

Some Of The Whistleblower and Retaliation Cases BLG Has Handled In Court

Education Law Whistleblower Case

Villarin v. Rabbi Haskel Lookstein School - Index No. 108417/09

Precedent setting case for school whistleblower reported on the front page of The New York Law Journal

Sarbanes Oxley Whistleblower Case

Smith v. Corning - Case No. 06-CV-6516

Precedent setting case establishing the pleading threshold for Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower cases.


Education Law Whistleblower Case


Successful representation of a school whistleblower in matter cover extensively by the media including the New York Times.