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Client Testimonials

The Boyd Law Group, PLLC is proud to share with you a sampling of positive client testimonials and notes of thanks we have received from satisfied and/or appreciative clients over the years. These testimonials are from clients that we helped through sexual harassment cases, wrongful termination, age and gender discrimination cases and various other areas we cover in employment, labor and education law in New York City metro area and Connecticut.

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Reviews For Patrick J. Boyd

From a Hedge Fund Executive - Contract Review and Negotiations

Honest, Diligent & A Great Person

The title of the review sums it up. The proof is that I used Patrick three times which only a satisfied customer would do. I have maintained contact with Patrick over the years simply because he and his staff are great people.

From A Publishing Executive - Severance Package Negotiations

Patrick was there for me from the beginning, taking me under his wing during a very stressful period. His sound legal judgment kept me grounded and protected my rights. He was always available for consultation, even at night. He works extra hard for his clients. I feel he became more than my lawyer, but a friend, too.

From An Executive With Sexual Harassment Claims

I am a former client of the Boyd Law Group and was very impressed by their level of professionalism, knowledge and discretion that was applied to my case. I worked with one of the associates William Li as well as the founder Patrick Boyd. Both were very thorough in their research, knew to ask the right questions to undercut the opposing party who was never as prepared. Patrick is also very personable and an excellent negotiator who will get you the best possible settlement. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick and his firm to any potential client and in fact, I already have.

From A Wall Street Executive With Whistleblower and Contract Claims

I've worked with Patrick a few times in my career. He's always been a very able partner in providing advice, a referral or fighting for me and my rights.

I've recommended Patrick to colleagues and friends and would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

From The Parent Of An Ivy League Student With Discrimination Claims

I recommend Mr. Boyd without reservation and with great appreciation and respect. This is not something I say lightly. Mr. Boyd provided superb legal advice and intervention.

Without Mr. Boyd's help, guidance, and most of all action we would never have be able to resolve our problem; with his help we did and were reimbursed for what we had paid the institution as well as Mr. Boyd's fees.

Mr. Boyd very quickly understood our predicament and more importantly understood how to resolve it. He did so with great finesse and a well worked out strategy, both indispensable when challenging an institution of almost unlimited resources.

I think that the clearest recommendation I could give him is that when a close friend found himself in serious trouble with his educational institution, I recommended Mr. Boyd to him. With precisely the same combination of finesse, strategy and empathy he resolved my friend's extremely perilous situation.

From A Wall Street Executive With A Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim

Patrick, Steve and the team at The Boyd Law Group not only achieved a resolution that was more than fair...they were far more responsive and upfront than I would have initially expected given past experiences. They worked with me financially, and were very fair with managing my expectations. Moreover, given the group's experience, they are fair but strong negotiators, great listeners and put me, as a client, at ease. I won't think twice about approaching The Boyd Law Group in the future...and recommending them to family/friends and coworkers in need of advice.

From A CEO Of A European Company With Stock and Non-Compete Issues

Very efficient and communicative, Patrick Boyd was always available to me to explain and guide me through proper decision making, ensuring very close follow up with opponents. Ultimately achieved set goals and proper long-term agreement for my protection. I strongly recommend Patrick's professionalism and kindness!

Sales Executive With A Sexual Harassment Claim

Patrick and Steven are extremely professional. They made me feel valued as a client and had excellent follow up. I of course was also pleased with how they were able to resolve my case in a timely fashion. I highly recommend the Boyd Law Group.

Reviews For Steve Bourtin and William Li

From An Executive With A Disability Discrimination Case

Stephen Bourtin conducted a case for me against my previous employer. He consistently provided intelligent and sound counsel as he guided me through a long and difficult process. The end result was far better than I expected (we won!). He did FANTASTIC work for me and I can't recommend him highly enough.

From The CEO Of A Branding Consulting Company The Firm Successfully Defended in A Litigation

Lawsuits can be upsetting, for obvious reasons. Stephen and Patrick did a first rate job of not only securing a 100% successful outcome for my matter, but [critically] walking me through the process at every step: what to expect, how to handle it, when I needed to do some homework and when it was better to sit back and wait for the process to play itself out via our legal system. Even though my case was probably not the largest matter that Stephen has ever handled, in terms of the sums at stake, I still felt that I was receiving his full care and attention as a client. It's also clear to me from this process that it's not a always a given that legal teams have their clients best interests at heart. With Stephen I never had any doubt that he was looking out for me and my interests, above all else. This is clearly a matter of culture and pride at The Boyd Law Group and it's why I'd recommend them to anybody asked.

From A Client With A Whistleblower Case

Stephen is an exemplary attorney. From the beginning, he actively listened to all my questions and concerns and responded with thoughtful and honest answers. He kept me updated on the happenings with my case, which I believe is an indication of his sincere interest in his clients’ legal matters. Stephen thoroughly explained all proceedings and legal terms in a helpful and patient manner. Whenever I reached out to communicate with him, if he was not readily available, Stephen replied via phone call or email within two days.

From A Client With A Race Discrimination Case Against A Construction Company

Stephen is a great attorney to hire if you are expecting to see good results. Excellent professional services. Highly recommend him.

From An Accounting Executive With Severance Agreement Negotiation Case

William was retained to aid in employment dispute matter. He maintains excellent qualifications, experience and prudence in representing me. He always operated transparently and communications to alleviate my concerns and keep me apprised of progress. As a result, we were able to settle in a effective and efficient manner. I highly recommend William and his law firm The Boyd Law Group.

From An Executive With Stock And Executive Compensation Issues

When my employer conducted a "reorganization" and suddenly fired a half dozen top management people including me, I needed an experienced attorney to quickly review my situation with respect to labor laws which may have been violated and compensation which was due to me but the employer was refusing to pay. Steve got on the case immediately, identified my rights, and quickly put the employer on the defensive. His efforts resulted in the desired outcome. Most important, Steve was a pleasure to work with, and made a difficult situation much easier on me.

From A United Kingdom Based Wall Street Executive With A Whistleblower Case

William was very generous with his time and diligent in his work with respect to my case. He was professional through out and I appreciated his candor and honesty throughout the process. It was a complicated case but he approached it with a good understanding and focused on the provisions that mattered. Would recommend!

From An Executive With A Disability Discrimination Case

Stephen Bourtin conducted a case for me against my previous employer. He consistently provided intelligent and sound counsel as he guided me through a long and difficult process. The end result was far better than I expected (we won!). He did FANTASTIC work for me and I can't recommend him highly enough.