The attorneys at The Boyd Law Group, PLLC have extensive experience evaluating and negotiating severance agreements on behalf of employees and executives.  When your employment ends your employer often will pay severance including continued medical coverage in exchange for your waiver and release of potential claims.  You should consider the value of the claims you are waiving and any non-compete/solicit options that might impact your next job.

A severance package might include:

  • Lump Sum Payment Is Based On Tenure With The Company Or Claims You Have
  • A Reference
  • Continuation of Salary For A Period Of Time
  • Payment Used For Unused Sick Time Or Vacation Days
  • Medical Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Stock Options And/Or Vested/Unvested Stock
  • A Pro Rata Share Of Your Bonus or Commissions

If you have questions about your termination agreement or need assistance negotiating your severance agreement please contact one of our experienced attorneys at +1 (800) 617-4BLG or by filling out our form on our Contact Us page.

A Representation Of Testimonials From Clients With Executive Contract Negotiations BLG Has Handled

From A Human Resources Executive Negotiating A Severance Package

I sought a recommendation for legal counsel on a personal employment matter – something I am never inclined to do. I was referred to Patrick and The Boyd Law Group and without hesitation decided he was the right person to partner with on my matter. Patrick listened carefully, thoughtfully and offered wise guidance and support throughout the process. I just wanted my settlement to be done but he helped me to advocate for what was a better and fairer outcome for me. Without hesitation I would recommend him to others seeking guidance.

From A Publishing Executive - Severance Package Negotiations 5.0 Stars

Patrick was there for me from the beginning, taking me under his wing during a very stressful period. His sound legal judgment kept me grounded and protected my rights. He was always available for consultation, even at night. He works extra hard for his clients. I feel he became more than my lawyer, but a friend, too.

From An Executive With Stock And Executive Compensation Issues

When my employer conducted a "reorganization" and suddenly fired a half dozen top management people including me, I needed an experienced attorney to quickly review my situation with respect to labor laws which may have been violated and compensation which was due to me but the employer was refusing to pay. Steve got on the case immediately, identified my rights, and quickly put the employer on the defensive. His efforts resulted in the desired outcome. Most important, Steve was a pleasure to work with, and made a difficult situation much easier on me. 

From An Accounting Executive With Severance Agreement Negotiation Case

William was retained to aid in employment dispute matter. He has excellent qualifications, experience and showed prudence in representing me. He always operated transparently and communication helped to alleviate my concerns and keep me apprised of progress. As a result, we were able to settle in a effective and efficient manner. I highly recommend William and his law firm The Boyd Law Group.

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